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Frameless Plaque Mounting

A great economical way to display your photos.

Our frameless wood mounting (also known as plaque mounting) offers a great economical modern alternative to hang your photos.

A non-glare finish gives you a simple clean presentation suitable for any room at home or the office. 

Plaque mounting offers a sleek and professional way to display photographs, providing a clean and modern look that can complement any decor. Additionally, it helps to protect the photograph from damage caused by handling, UV light, and environmental factors, ensuring that it can be enjoyed for years to come.


Your photo is mounted & laminated onto a solid 3/8” deep mdf board.

 Your photo is mounted & laminated onto a solid 1/8” mdf board. Then an ultra-light ¾” mdf moulding is adhered to the back, flush to the image edge giving it a 7/8” depth.


  • Printed using giclee (inkjet) ultra-chrome archival inks producing vibrant colors with the widest color gamut available on the market
  • 250 gsm premium archival photo paper
  • 4 mil non-glare (UV protected) matte laminate provides ultra-protection making your plaque easy to clean
  • Custom cut sturdy mdf board with a beveled coloured edge of your choice
  • Routed key-hole slot on the back for hanging
  • Shipped in a protective box
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Plaque mounting is a popular method used to display and preserve photographs, artwork, certificates, and other memorabilia. Here's a description of the plaque mounting process:

1. Substrate Material: The process typically begins by using a suitable material for mounting the photograph. Common materials are wood. We use MDF (medium density fibre board).

2. Preparation of the Photograph: The chosen photograph is prepared for mounting by ensuring it is clean and free from any dust or debris. The photo is then laminated for added protection against moisture and UV damage.

3. Mounting: The photograph is then adhered to the MDF substrate using an adhesive. This adhesive is applied evenly to the back of the photo before carefully positioning it onto the MDF mounting material.

4. Pressing: Once the photo is in place, pressure is applied evenly across the surface to ensure a secure and permanent bond between the photo and the MDF board. This is done using a heated roller or a heat press.

5. Trimming: Any excess material around the edges of the mounted photograph is trimmed away to create clean, straight edges.

6. Finishing Touches: Finally, the mounted photograph receives additional finishing touches by machining and bevelling the edges and applying a coloured trim. This adds a protective coating and frames the plaque mounted photograph around the edges to enhance its appearance and durability.