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Canvas Print | More Information

Canvas prints are a classic and popular way to display photographs or artwork. Here's a description of canvas prints and the process of creating them:

1. Canvas Material: Canvas prints are made by printing an image onto canvas fabric, typically made from cotton and polyester. The canvas is stretched tightly across a wooden frame, creating a taut surface for the printed image.

2. Printing Process: The image is printed onto the canvas using our high-quality inkjet printers. Specialized printers are used to ensure accurate colour reproduction and sharp details. Once printed all our canvas are treated with a protective laminate coating to enhance durability and add UV resistance making it easily cleaned.

3. Stretching and Mounting: Once the image is printed, the canvas is stretched and secured around a wooden frame, often called stretcher bars. The canvas is stretched tightly to minimize wrinkles and ensure a smooth surface for the image.

4. Gallery Wraps: One common style for canvas prints is the gallery wrap, where the image is wrapped around the edges of the wooden frame. This creates a three-dimensional effect and eliminates the need for a traditional frame.

5. Frame Options: While gallery wraps are popular, canvas prints can also be mounted within a frame. Frames can add a decorative touch to the print and provide additional support for the canvas.

6. Texture and Appearance: The texture of the canvas adds depth and dimension to the printed image, giving it a painterly quality.

7. Versatility: Canvas prints can be displayed in a variety of settings, from homes and offices to galleries and exhibitions. They are lightweight and easy to hang, making them a versatile option for displaying art.

8. Customization: Canvas prints can be customized in terms of size, aspect ratio, and finish to suit individual preferences. They can also be treated with protective coatings to enhance durability and UV resistance.